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If you are preparing a vacation in Greece the island of Karpathos is certainly a location you must check out! Located in between the islands of Crete and Rhodes, Karpathos is a long and narrow island, with a mountainous spinal column that reaches peaks of 1200 m. Although it is the 3rd biggest island of the Dodecanese, the island has actually always been a bit isolated and underpopulated. A lot of tourists visit the island to have a look at the beautiful beaches and traditional Greek village life that is still present in the north of the island. So, if you are looking traces of the remarkable ancient Greece this is definitely not the location for you, because there are no archeological websites on the island.

The island can be divided in the windy south-west, the more tranquil central part and the stunning mountainous north.

The airport is positioned in the south of the island, where the wind is actually strong (specifically during summertime). Due to the fact that the south is rather windy if you like windsurfing this is the location to come (this area is called Amfiarti). In the southern part you will discover the small traveler resort of Ammopi, perfect for households with children, but with no specific contents given that it has been developed for touristic purposes.

In the southern part of the island, on the west coast, you will discover the island capital, Pigadhia. Pigadhia is the main port of the island, a fast growing town (a lot of building going on in the environments). Although there is absolutely nothing unique to see, the town provides a lot of centers (hotels, restaurants, drug stores, stores, medical aid, post workplaces, etc.).

The main part of Karpathos is consisted of a group of towns with gorgeous hillside views and a cooler climate (even in summer season). The most attractive village is Pyles set above a green oasis. On the east side you will discover the town of Voladha with a small Venetian castle and a number of really elegant tavernas that use traditional Karpathian dishes. In the main part of the island you will discover the most outstanding beaches as well: Kato Lakkos (preferred by naturists), Kyra Panayia (you can also rent a room or villa near the stunning gravel beach) and Apella (by far the most lovely beach on the island). You can reach the mentioned beaches by road or by boat journeys from Pigadhia.

The northern part of the island is represented by the traditional town of Olymbos, a need to see. Since it was originally established as a pirate safe haven in the mountainous part of the island and therefore separated, the town has managed to save its standard and attractive look. It is likewise known for the particular language that is spoken, an ancient Doric dialect that can not be heard anywhere else in Greece. Despite the fact that you can reach it following the road from Spoa (the road has actually been just recently reconstructed) it is perhaps more appealing and fascinating to reach it by sea. The adventure boats will take you from Pigadhia to the little port of Dhiafani in about 70-90 minutes and after that a bus will take you to the town of Olymbos. In Olymbos you can still discover glimpses of the conventional Greece (women wearing the gorgeous and vibrant standard clothes) despite the fact that nearly everything in the town remains in the function of tourist which can be annoying at times.

Karpathos is certainly a place you ought to visit. It is an island with stunning views and stunning beaches with blue-green and crystalline sea. The food is actually exquisite and the tavernas offer traditional meals at moderate costs. And yes, the Karpathians are warm and friendly people. Due to the fact that the island is geographically a little bit isolated it is never overcrowded with tourists, even during summer. I definitely highly suggest Karpathos for a great summer season holiday in Greece.

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